Words of Wisdom

Delegate and Document or Drown

As I work my business, I have found that delegation of rudimentary tasks or tasks that only play to your weaknesses is of utmost importance.  I know I have a mental block against … [Carry On...]

Are you a Burnout?

I'm acutely aware of my burnout state.  Are you?  What's the last thing you do at night?  Kiss your significant other (including pets) or put down your technological device? I … [Carry On...]

Electric vs Gas Cars

"But Kris, didn't you know that it takes fossil fuels to power your electric car?" Here we go again.  The naysayers are trying to convince me that my electric car (actually two … [Carry On...]

Why do we help others first?

As we build our business, a lot of us start out with barter or volunteer work to build a name. And that should be top heavy in the beginning of any business to get known and to get … [Carry On...]

Research Means You Care

When you know you are going to meet someone for the first time or maybe you've known them for a while and this time they want to hire you...do you do your research?  Or are you the … [Carry On...]

Yup I got hacked…

How to keep yourself hack proof,  lesson one...you can't be 100% because these guys use computer algorithms and the computers are smarter than us. I got hacked because one of my … [Carry On...]


I think I’m a Baby Boomer

Baby Boomer - born between 1943-1964 (full description at Wikipedia). But wait - I was born in 1968!  How can I be a 'boomer'? I'm reading a book called Dot Boom by David … [Carry On...]