Words of Wisdom

I think I’m a Baby Boomer

Baby Boomer - born between 1943-1964 (full description at Wikipedia). But wait - I was born in 1968!  How can I be a 'boomer'? I'm reading a book called Dot Boom by by David … [Carry On...]

Audience Experience Flow

How can you create an effective website without walking in your customer's shoes?  Take out pencil and paper - yes I'm old school like that.  Now pretend that you are one of your … [Carry On...]

Southeast Nature and Travel Sites

This morning I read Chris Brogan's post on Exploring nature on the North Shore and how it has inspired him to make his own website more functional.  It made me feel really good to … [Carry On...]

SCUBA Photo on My Website

I've changed up my website - yet again.  I get inspired by the muse called 'Change'.  She is my constant companion.  I read a LOT of blogs and follow a few people religiously to … [Carry On...]